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Looking to start training in the Bujinkan?

Training and membership to our dojo currently is on an invitation only basis. Dropping by unannounced is strongly discouraged. "Drop-ins" disrupt class and effect the training of our students. We encourage those interested in training to do the following:

1) Use the contact us link at the bottom of this page.

2) Send your name, age and occupation (student, police officer, postman).

3) Your reasons for wanting to train in the Bujinkan.

4) Please feel free to mention any prior training in the Bujinkan or other martial arts.




We currently are accepting for training, mature young adults from 13-17 and those 18 and over. All new members to the dojo are required to purchase proper training attire from an approved list within 30 days of beginning training. You must dress in proper attire to attend class.

At the beginning of each class, the instructor will lead everyone in a short series of stretching and exercises to warm up. Next the group will work on "kihon" or the basic foundation of our art, Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu.

The last portion of class will focus on techniques related to the selected theme of the year as announced each January; or other techniques from specialized training and seminars attended, instructors may vary.

Regular classes are held twice a week on Thursday evening from 6pm-8pm and Saturday mid-day from Noon - 2pm. Occasionally additional classes and special guest instructors are announced as these opportunities open up throughout the year.

Beginners and those with experience are encouraged to attend all regular Thursday night and Saturday classes. Males and females of nearly all ages participate. We have students as young as their late teens and those as old as their early 60's.

It truly can be an art for all ages. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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